Economic feasibility Postwiese ski area

Chairlift at Silbersattel

Around the Kahler Asten, the largest ski area in Germany is to be built by 2021. The key to this is the connection of the Winterberg ski lift carousel with the ski areas Sahnehang, Altastenberg and Postwiese in Neuastenberg. Including new connecting runs, of which the longest will lead over about two kilometers from the Asten down to the Postwiese, the ski area composite includes 50 km of downhill runs.

Before that, the ski resorts of Winterbergs mountain villages need extensive investment in new lifts and snowmaking. Montenius Consult developed a comprehensive feasibility study for the new Westhang chairlift on the Postwiese and the reinforcement of the snowmaking system. This was devoted to the question of how the flow of visitors would develop through the merger, because the distribution of visitors is the essential basis for a revenue forecast.

The Postwiesen lift company does not only use Montenius Consult's profitability analysis for its internal decision-making, but also as a basis for securing a financial investment.

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