Master Plan Wintersport-Arena Sauerland 3.0

Snow sports tourism has experienced an enormous boom in the Sauerland over the last 20 years. A trigger for this was the master plan process, which was initiated in 1999.

However, there have been clear signs of concentration recently: visitors are increasingly interested in the large ski resorts. Therefore, the Wintersport-Arena e.V. as the representative of the entire industry has set the goal for the 3rd update of the master plan to develop ideas to strengthen the small ski resorts. These small ski resorts fulfil important functions: as identity-building recreational facilities for the local population, as a capacity buffer on peak days, as local suppliers for population centres and as preservers of winter sports heritage in the region.

In cooperation with the local operators and the management of the Wintersport-Arena e.V., Christoph Schrahe worked out development approaches for strategically important ski resorts as well as strategies on a regional level and a pool of ideas that the small ski resorts of the region can use in many ways.

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