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Master Plan Gondola and Ski Area Ukraine

Client: not to be disclosed
Year: 2018/19

Despite all political problems, tourism is booming in the north-western part of the Ukraine. In the approximately 250 km long part of the Carpathian Arc, which runs through the Ukraine, there are already about two dozen ski resorts. There is no gondola yet.

This is now to be built not far from a spa town, which offers enormous potential with around three million overnight stays per year. In addition to the gondola, which is operated all year round, various attractions will attract guests in winter and summer. The first of a total of three planned expansion stages will involve an investment of around 60 million euros. There will also be investments for the "Carpathian Village" planned in the area of the bottom station with hotels, apartments, restaurants and stores.

Montenius Consult has planned the lift and trail layout and its capacities, calculated the required capacities of all complementary infrastructures and provided an initial visit forecast. In a next step, the business plan will also be developed by Montenius Consult.

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