Marketing and Communications

Marketing concepts are the basis for successful and targeted marketing. They identify and define target groups and customer needs and choose the right tools out to win customers. Marketing concepts prepared by Montenius Consult use the complete range of marketing tools: product, price, distribution and communications.

The tourism industry thrives more than any other sector of the communications. In this respect, the press and the production of various kinds of publications have a high priority. Montenius Consult supports in the preparation of press materials the structure of text and image archives, the design and realization of tourist information brochures, web presences, guides and promotional materials.

Montenius Consult benefits from the long-standing journalistic work of Christoph Schrahe, writing for media such as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and the Ski Magazin (for more information please go to In the implementation of communication activities Montenius Consult also works closely with the Cologne/Vienna-based creative agency hoop-de-la.